At the Pub:

Craft Beers on tap, locally brewed  $6

Mead and wines  $7

Baked rolls and Butter

Gwendolynne's Greens: Okanagan farm salads using barley and rice with dressings made from Okanagan fruits

Cured and Smoked meats and cheeses

Knight's Vittles: A Carving Station offering Roasted beef

Brawn en Peuerade: Pork braised in a red wine sauce

Radar's Roots: medley of pan roasted vegetables

Lady Lois' Delight: lightly steamed spears of asparagus

Benes yfryed: Fried beans with garlic and onions

Paddy's Fave: Potage of Barley and Rice
Fruays: an apple bread pudding

Soupes Dorye: toasted bread in a wine sauce

Sugared Fruits

Pies and Tarts


Neon Wolfe Creations is an innovative Food & Beverage business whose goal is to be known as the South Okanagan’s premiere food services company, specializing in Catering in Penticton. Featuring speciality catering services and restaurant operations, Neon Wolfe Creations is the brainchild of local chef and entrepreneur Sarren Wolfe. Sarren has over 20 years of industry experience and began his cooking career at a world renowned restaurant chain. During this tenure he benefitted from broad exposure to industry best practices and outstanding levels of professionalism that developed into his passion and strong work ethic for the food service industry.

Throughout his career, he toured and trained at a variety of major resorts and wineries throughout British Columbia and has apprenticed under many world class Chefs. Sarren has held the positions of Executive Chef, Head Chef, Sous Chef over the years and has offered apprenticeships of his own to a number of aspiring students.

Moreover, members of his family have strong food allergies and sensitivities which has lead him to research and specialize in Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free plus Vegetarian/Vegan cuisines and diets. As a result Neon Wolfe Creations has built and continues to strengthen relationships with local produce growers and product suppliers to source the best quality food and beverage products possible for catering in Penticton.
Sarren supports his community as much as possible and is an avid snowboarder. His love of animals inspired him to rescue 3 basset hounds over the years. He also has strong family values and ties; employing different members of his family in the company. On behalf of Neon Wolfe Creations , it is our sincere desire to deliver the best experience possible!

Thank you for the opportunity and enjoy